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Yii 2 Development

We professionally outsource projects on Yii2 Framework for more than 4 years.

We use agile methodology and harmoniously integrate into your business processes.

We write maintainable and testable code, we adhere to the main web development practices: SOLID, DRY, KISS, etc., etc. 😎

We believe that quality projects are born from quality communication. We consciously approach each task, identify the true need, and offer a rational solution.

We have extensive experience in full cycle web development (ux, ui, frontend, backend). Besides Yii2, we are good at PHP (of course 😁), GIT, Docker, Redis, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, CI/CD, AWS, Codeception, PHP Unit...

We respond to requests at the speed of a diving hawk.

We identify the genuine needs, comprehend the essence of the task, ask the right questions, and generate internal technical specification for our developers.

Much like an autonomous nuclear submarine, we operate independently and efficiently.

Let's meet each other

We are always open to cool projects.

Our approach

We prioritize maximum return and efficiency, employing top-tier methodologies in the design and development of our projects, including SCRUM, Agile, and Kanban.


We believe that great work comes from good processes. Thanks to this, we were able to achieve a balance between price and quality. Before proceeding with the implementation, we dive into the issue as deeply as possible. We define the problem, the goal, conduct research and offer a solution. Once we have a clear idea of the problem, we start an iterative development process.


Thanks to modern techniques and design process, we take an idea, prototype it and test it in a real environment to find the best solution.

Corporate website
Project 22
UX/UI Дизайн, Front-end, Back-end, Identity, Research, Marketing
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Web Design & 3D
Volvo S90 Recharge
UX/UI Дизайн, 3D, Front-end, Identity, Research
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Corporate website
EBSSA International
Back-end, Front-end, Identity, Marketing, Research, UX/UI Дизайн
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Storytelling Concept
Xerox PARC
UX/UI Дизайн, 3D, Identity, Research, Front-end
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Zara Home
Research, UX/UI Дизайн, Identity, Front-end
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Join an agile team that is constantly evolving and improving.

Let's meet each other
We do it with love ❤️
Offer a solution

We do not design just for the sake of design, nor do we adopt new technologies simply for the sake of novelty.

Our focus is on your business's best interests, and we offer solutions that are effective, grounded in a sober assessment of possibilities.

Focus on results

With a research first-approach, we create solutions based on real data.

You will not hear the arguments «we are designers – this is how we see it» from us.

Won't Leave

Our cooperation will not end with the delivery of the project. We will instruct how to use the created product, we will analyze its results and advise you.

Clients are returning to us

Many of our clients have maintained a collaboration with us for over 3 years, drawn by the value we consistently contribute to their business.

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The cost directly depends on the time our team members need to develop. Write to us , and we will promptly prepare an estimate for your project or  find out our rates (hourly cost).

The cost of a full-fledged project on Yii2 starts at $1500.

For many Yii2 projects, we collaborate on an hourly basis.

The development time is affected by the visual and functional complexity of the project, as well as the speed of communication. On average, we need from 60 working days (from 3 months).

Complete project:

Introduction Planning Research UX design UI design Front-end development Back-end development Production Ongoing collaboration.


Introduction Planning Development Testing and Code Review Deploy

We love working on projects that are focused on solving user problems and achieving business goals. We believe that quality projects are born from quality communication, so effective communication is important to us.

We like to face challenges, we love to look for problems on our ass and solve them so that we have something to tell posterity 😅.

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What is Yii2 good for

We use modern technologies and adhere to coding standards. SOLID, DRY, OOP, PSR, patterns and other buzzwords - it's all about us 😎.


Customer relationship management systems are an indispensable tool for any business, regardless of its size. CRMs help increase sales, customer loyalty, and improve service.


SaaS (software as a service) — is a cloud-based software product that runs in a browser. Allows you to implement colossal projects while saving on administration, technical support and user hardware.


MVP (minimum viable product) — is a demo version of an application or website that allows you to test the concept of a future product at a minimum cost.


ERP — is a strategy for integrating production, operations, financial, labor and asset management implemented in a software product. Simply put, ERP is software designed to optimize the work of all processes in an enterprise by integrating everything in one place.

Web Portals

Web Portals have long become an integral part of our lives. No large company can no longer do without corporate mail, a knowledge base, a task and personnel management system. And ordinary users - without email, news or video hosting.

Social Networks

Niche social networks are a promising yet unexplored area of business among the big players. A thematic or functional feature can provide benefits to users and potential customers.


Learning Management System — is a necessary tool for automating the work of online schools. LMS is designed not only to support the educational process, but also all processes related to the production of materials, their storage and delivery. In addition, there are also tools for working with clients and sales (CRM) inside the LMS.

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