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Our sanctuary

Here are the holy of holiest — our work. We are proud of each of them: production for us, like graduation for parents. Joy and tears 🤧.

Corporate website
Project 22
UX/UI Дизайн, Front-end, Back-end, Identity, Research, Marketing
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Web Design & 3D
Volvo S90 Recharge
UX/UI Дизайн, 3D, Front-end, Identity, Research
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Corporate website
EBSSA International
Back-end, Front-end, Identity, Marketing, Research, UX/UI Дизайн
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Storytelling Concept
Xerox PARC
UX/UI Дизайн, 3D, Identity, Research, Front-end
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Zara Home
Research, UX/UI Дизайн, Identity, Front-end
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st. Rudenko 6a,
Kyiv, Ukraine, 01003
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